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“Michael is a tremendous asset to anyone looking to enter the US marketplace.  He has the ability to put together no-nonsense simple plans that work.”
~Eric Skae, Former CEO of Rao’s

“Michael’s expertise of the workings of the industry, developing sales and marketing strategies as well as his relationships in the industry have been extremely beneficial in the growth of our company this past year and setting financial budget & sales plans for Don’t Go Nuts/Pinto Barn going forward. Michael is one of the most decent and loving human beings I have been honored to “be” with. I mean this. He has inspired me and changed me. He makes people want to be better, more kind and to share Big Love.” 

~Jane Pinto, Owner of Pinto Barn/Dont’ Go Nuts

“Living Intentions was surprised to see how quickly Michael came in and accessed our product line, what was lacking in the field, the broker network in place and distribution channels. Within the first year, Michael evaluated our entire packaged line of product and established a Core 14 item list, which consisted of the best items of the top selling lines. This enabled the sales and demo teams to focus on less and sell more. He then replaced and added a complete new national broker network, which was the best Living Intentions has ever worked with. Michael then began to get the Core 14 items into every UNFI warehouse and KeHE’s natural DC’s. The second year Michael added more distribution warehouses and DSD/specialty distributors by building key accounts in every region. Michael worked closely with the broker network to get the upcoming newly launched rebranded line in front of all the buyers, chains and distributors a like. Michael’s sales knowledge of building product lines in the industry and reputation is excellent. Living Intentions will miss working with Michael and we are grateful for all the effort and accomplishments he achieved over the past two years.”
~Joshua McHugh, CEO of Living Intentions

“Brad’s Raw Foods would not be where we are today without Michael’s guidance, passion, ability, leadership skills, and foresight in the natural, organic, and raw food industry. Michael has helped Brad’s Raw Foods grow from a $3 million a year company to over a $15 million a year company in three short years, which has been an amazing journey. All of us at Brad’s Raw Foods have been in awe of Michael’s ability to tackle every issue that comes up, while Brad’s Raw Foods ventured into areas unknown to both the company and even himself. His extended knowledge of the industry has helped us to avert many of the down falls of newer companies and his relationships in the industry has been nothing short of exceptional. His vision for my company was contagious and adaptable to what I wanted as well. His experience, the wealth of contacts and relationships, his knowledge of the inner workings on packaging new products and how to bring them to market was everything we needed to be as successful as Brad’s Raw Foods has become.”

~Brad Gruno, Founder of Brad’s Raw Foods

“Michael has broad and deep knowledge of the channels of distribution, the promotional and marketing issues affecting sales, and the players in the areas where we were and will be distributed.  He is assiduous in learning things he doesn’t already know and performs tasks assigned to him quickly and efficiently.  Michael thinks strategically as well as tactically and is an invaluable asset when thinking about future initiatives and planning and budgeting.  He anticipates and understands what needs to be done and often does it without being asked.  He keeps his eye on the ball.  In fact, Michael has many of the skills of a senior manager for a national beverage company, though he has stayed with our small company out of loyalty to the brand’s aspirations and its core equity of giving back to the environment.”
~Chris Bartle, Tear of the Clouds, LLC  d/b/a Keeper Springs Natural Spring Water

Over the course of the last 20 years, I have seen Michael develop from a street sales person into a highly competent and creative food and beverage executive.   Michael is a dynamic marketing and sales executive with innovative ideas based on his years of real world results-oriented experience. He is quick, but thorough, to evaluate what the issues are and develop solutions to achieve optimal results. Michael’s entrepreneurial approach turns most problems into opportunities by not laboring over the obvious but instead “thinking out of the box.”  The best description of Michael is that he is a smart, passionate, articulate and honest person who takes great pride in achieving solid results, as well as seeking the best solutions for whomever  he works for…he knows how to make results happen!
~James M. Stevens, Chairman, J. M. Stevens & Associates, Inc.

“Michael has a calm, warm, and enveloping manner and positive energy.  People are attracted to him and listen to him.  He has amazing integrity.  He works at the strategic and tactical level.  Given his depth of experience, he knows what it takes to grow a young brand or revive a stale one.  He has walked the streets from account to account, as well as negotiated with distributors and partners.  He easily understands the big picture and where a brand will be most successful in deploying limited resources for maximum return.”
~Martin Chalk, Co-founder, Balance

“Michael was the second salesperson that I hired to trailblaze Evian.  Without Michael’s hard and sincere efforts, I would never have reached my impossible dream of building NYC’s first bottled water distribution company.  Michael is well known in the food and beverage industry, especially in the New York metropolitan area, and is well respected.  He has the highest regard for his customers and treats everyone in his sphere with respect.  I have heard only good things about Michael from those who have dealt with him on every level.”
~Fred Sipper, former owner of Mootch and Muck, currently of Beverage Universe

“The hard work, experience, and connections which Michael brought to Primal Spirit Foods were invaluable and saved us years in cracking the market.  Without him, we’d never be where we are today.”
~E.P. Sofsky, Vice President, Primal Spirit Foods

“Over the years, we have had customer situations that have been difficult, and we might have lost the account, but Michael has always been able to maintain a relationship that has opened the door for sales.”
~Joel Murphy, Murphy & Sons Provisions

“My experience with Michael began when I joined the same sales organization he was part of.  He was the top sales representative and quickly became a key member of the management team.  Although I was an experienced salesperson already, Michael helped me hone my skills, always setting an example of success.  After I left the company and bought a retail food store, our relationship continued as customer/supplier.  Michael’s energy and ability always impressed me, and when I started a new business Money Technology Systems, Inc., I immediately thought of Michael to help me, because his standards are exemplary and he is tireless in his work ethic.”
~Hak Lee, Money Technology Systems, Inc.